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Please check back, It will take me a while to add in all of what i experienced at the Casa de Los Artistas.

I hope to capture in words, drawings, paintings, and video, as much as I can about my wonderful adventure.  I'll also add in updates about the Casa, and paintings insprired by, or resulting from, my time there..


Meanwhile, for information on Casa de los Artistas, workshop schedules and more

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The "Primitive Face" above is the result of a workshop with Donna Estabrooks. Her approach to creativity was extremely different than mine. She had a "let it happen" methodology with no end in mind at the start. Letting her lead me in her style was a very positive experience. You cannot fail this test, something exciting will come out of this process, something exciting and new that reveals itself, instead of a plotted course.

"Sparkle" and "Strike" started by watching the many overwintering Egrets pass by my apartment, on the riverbank, and then I painted some quick studies on paper. I took those home and recreated them largely on canvas. After being at the casa for 7 weeks, my approach was faster and more liberal. And I must say, more fun!

Visit From an Angel was another work done by employing Donna Estabrooks methodology- Sploosh, fold, dry. Splat, blot, dry. Spin, look for "images" and then bring them out!  I'm over-simplifying- there is a method to this madness for good results.

If you ever have "Painter's Block", this will get you moving!

My experiences at the Casa de Los Artistas were wonderful. This page has some works created there, and some created after I arrived home, but inspired by my time there. And some information about the wonderful Casa workshops, the area, and the teachers and hosts.

At the Casa

Art from, and inspired by, my stay at Casa de los artistas   Every artist should experience it, but you don't have to be an artist to go and love it!

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