1987 - Fringe Festival Art Show

1988 - Fringe Festival Art Show- Honorable mention

1995 - St James Art show- Best in Show

                                           - First place

2000 - Winner ( Manitoba)  of the Millenium Art Contest

           The Winning works for all provinces toured Canada.

2010- International Wildlife Artist of the Year Shortlisted

          Show and contest-   London UK

2011 -St James Art Show - Best in Show

                                             - 1st Prize Pastel

                                             - 2nd Prize Oil

2012 - Great West Life Gallery

2012 - Manitoba Fisheries Stamp - Third Prize Winner

2013 - Great West Life Gallery

2013 - Manitoba Fisheries Stamp Contest- Gallery

2013 - BC Salmon Stamp Contest entry

2014 - National Winner - Wildlife Habitat Canada

            Duck Stamp and Print



Lori Boast is a self taught artist. She loves to work in many mediums and genres. Her first love is wildlife art.

She looks forward to devoting more time painting and creating.

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let my Paintbrushtell your story.

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More about me...

While I've always been an artist, my life has often been more a story of "artist interrupted".  Much of my artwork had to have a purpose to get created. A contest, or some other driver, gave me focus and an end goal.  My friends and family, while wonderfully supportive and creative in their own right, are not artists .  So I was missing some creative camaraderie. Although, apparently, art is in general is a pretty solo affair.  I originally did want to go to art school, but it wasn't in the cards for many reasons. ( and funnily enough it looks as though many art schools in the 70s and 80's weren't teaching what I wanted to learn) . When I did "show" I garnered good feedback, but I just wasn't aware enough, inspired enough, or supported enough for it to be a high priority. And by not having a foothold in the "art world" I didnt know of anyone who made a living at it- so how could it be a logical choice to pursue?  Opportunities to "show" have been few and far between.  However, it never went away.  I kept being drawn back in.. and lately I seem to have more time for just me, my priorities, my choices are coming first, and the artistic flow is more steady. The fires are being stoked, and the process of creating itself is faster and just better somehow. Immersing myself in art has truely changed the way I see the world, and that in itself drives me to create more. My newer works are getting great feedback and that's wonderful. Hope you enjoy your visit! as much as I enjoy creating the works!!