So close to done I can almost taste it..

At this stage I like to let it sit,  and give it some distance..

I know I have a couple little things to do, but time and distance will show me more I'm sure..

but soooo close.

Lori Boast Art Studios

I don't usually document my painting process, but a good friend is learning how to draw and paint, and I thought I'd document for her.  And now I'm sharing with you as well.

Documenting painting steps was hard- I have tried before and keep forgetting I'm trying to take photos each step..  I'll take about three, then totally forget, until after I'm done...

I hope you enjoy the process....

This might make a nice water colour

Maybe soon

Side note..

This Lion was captured on camera during a trip I took to Kenya.

If you ever get a chance to go, don't hesitate. It was such a spectacular adventure.

We got very close to wildlife, and I saw almost every kind of animal- except a rhino..

so I have to go back  :-)

I wanted to share a painting in progress

This is the first few splashes.....

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