I had some fun testing out this toned pastel board,. It has a nice "tooth" quite rough, so really grabs the Conte.  I used Conte- which is a kind of hard pastel- one of my favorite mediums, that I haven't used for a while.  I took photos of the progression  and made a short video for you.  Its fun to experiment, and I always have to switch it up in the mediums. If you have never tried  pastel or Conte, I highly recommend it. You can get a set off Conte crayons in just a few basics and test it out on paper, or even water colour paper- if you draw then use a brush with water on the line, it is like watercolour! Or like I did here on pastel board.

It comes in sticks, but also in pencils, which can be sharpened for a fine line and control.

Lori Boast Art Studios

Here's a Video I did for fun .....